Is Time Money? Part 2

A CNN article talks of a British professor that discovered a mathematical formula calculated and found that time actually is money.

According to the equation, the average British minute is worth just over 15 cents to men and 12 cents to women. So brushing your teeth costs you 30 cents.

My time by the numbers:
Commute to work: $3.00
Mowing my lawn: $9.00 when it’s short $12.00 when it’s long.
Tyeing my shoes: 2 1/2 cents
Sunday afternoon nap: $4.50
Writing this blog: $1.50

How much is your time worth and are you spending on things that matter?
I ask this question a lot. It is so easy to be distracted by things that do not matter. To be effective you have to learn to forgo the good to archive the better. If we stop to think how much is this costing me when we are simply wasting time would it make a difference.

I know that every minute I put into the kids ministry at our church and the outreach we do is time well spent. Every person I stop and truly demonstrate the kingdom of God and be a good neighbor. I know that every minute spent with my family is time well spent.

As I get older the more i realize the fact that time is slipping away and will never get it back. We only have so much time go and make it count. I have found over the last 10 years somethings count more than others.

What things count most:
Anytime you spend with a kid, in your ministry will never be forgotten: Counts
Weddings are optional funerals mandatory , being with people when they need you most: Counts
Just listening to a friend who is going through a hard time, without always telling them what to do:Counts
Spending quantity time with my boys: Counts

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