Shameless Plug

Generation Conference is our annual youth conference, this year it will be July 25th through July 27th. Guest speakers will be Ed Young, Joyce Meyer, and Actor Stephen Baldwin. Check it out.

We’re going old school, baby!

to what it’s all really about. We live in an age of information. We’re
bombarded with it. More information than any of us have the capacity to
filter and as a result we so often do nothing; MySpace, You Tube,
iPods, Podcasts, blogs, school, text messaging, advertising the list
goes on… Even within the church there’s more information than many of
us have the opportunity to process, much less apply.

many messages can be overwhelming…we see how far from perfect we are.
To onlookers it appears we Christians have a list of do’s and don’ts to
follow. It’s not how it should be.

if, for three day this summer, we went old school – RETRO – back to the
way Jesus lived it out, and apply the filter that He used to define His
followers – Simply: Love God, love people!

Are you in? Join us for three incredible days this summer and we’ll get back to all that Jesus had in mind for you…


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