Extreme Makeover?

Customized spaces and themed environments for children has become quite popular lately. But is it worth the time, money and energy.

I say YES, YES, and YES.

"Barry notes the enjoyment of the experience that theming helps create
leads to steep increases in attendance. "We see 35-percent to
120-percent increases in attendance after themed environments are put
into place," he says."

Again it is not all about numbers but numbers represent people and life change. Which is why we do what we do. We want to engage children and families.

There are always detractors who will say that church should be a somber
affair and that theming is too garish in such a setting. Yet Greg L.
Barron, CEO and president of G.L. Barron Co. Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas,
says theming is nothing more than a design approach that involves the
human senses.

"Ministry is about people. People of this generation are affected by
their senses more than any other time. Utilizing sound, taste, smell
and sight increases a ministry’s opportunity to connect and affect
people for Christ," Barron says.

We want to follow the example of the greatest teacher of all times, Jesus. He engaged his audience through non conventional means. We MUST do the same. We as a church are in the beginning process of Theming our children’s wing not because we are tying to do the vogue thing in children’s ministry but because we care about reaching every child and every family live in our region.

The rest of the article on Themed Environments from Worship Facilities magazine

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