10 years later 2.5 million copies 33 languages the story behind every story that every kid need to know and every adult must tell. Happy Birthday, Jesus Storybook Bible.

Love this clip. Carrey address the problem with our morally relativistic culture as only he can. We strive for permanence for significance for “enough” in a world we insist that there be no absolutes. The result is we drive ourselves into a frenzy of madness trying to prove ourselves to ourselves because we don’t see that we are enough because Jesus on the cross said “enough.”

It’s easy to pick on actors because it’s so blatantly obvious. But what about you ministry leader. What is enough? When you have 5000 people in your church, when you get invited to speak or when you are offered a book deal. The question for all of us is this “Is Jesus enough?”

While I don’t agree with the ultimate assumptions Jobs makes about religion and faith in God I found much of his address to the graduating class of 2005 at Stanford University helpful. I hope you do as well.