All ministers will be called upon often to pray in public. But public prayer can never be a substitute for private prayer. Private prayer is a basic feature of the Christian life and thus a key aspect of preparation for public ministry. Methodist preacher E. M. Bounds once wrote, “Some Methodist preachers pray too short in private and too long in public. As a rule, private prayers ought to be long and public ones short….” One who is not in intimate personal contact with God cannot lead God’s people into his presence.

Jesus Driven Ministry (CROSSWAY, 2007), Page 226

Today Christians are often too quick to abandon their church, organization, small group, friend or spouse when the going gets tough. People would rather split than go through the frustrations of working through the problems. This tendency results in shallow relationships, which in turn result in minimal depth to the fruit of their labors. In fact, learning to pay the price of commitment is a key to developing deep fruit in ministry anywhere in the world.