Orange Week: Rules of Engagement

The best breakout for me by far was at the first year I attended Orange. It was done by Reed Dickens. He is an amazing communicator he was very clear and convincing. What I loved most was I got new ideas about things that Reed wasn’t even talking about. To me a great breakout is one that inspires you to think about things that are possible rather than zone out and think about lunch. I am happy to tell you most of the Orange conference breakouts are fantastic. Do they have some duds sure they do, but all in all out of all the conferences I have been to Orange has some of the best ones I have been to.

Before I give you my notes for the breakout I want to address one misconception. People think because Orange puts this conference on they shove their curriculum down your throat. They do not. I really appreciate the fact they teach things in the form of principles and not formulas.

Rules of Engagement:The Art of Communication
Reed Dickens

Reed Dickens is the former White House assistant press secretary. A regular contributor on Larry King Live, and CEO of Outside Eyes, a multi-million dollar consulting firm that specializes in media strategy and crisis management.

Big Idea – Goal of communication – To effect behavior – To get someone to do something.

Key Thoughts –

Two keys to success in communication

  1. Likable (be yourself and hope people like you)
  2. Reasonable. (Hard work)
    1. Be honest
    2. Make Concessions when necessary (builds credibility more than anything else)

Communication is about understanding people and then having a conversation It’s about content and delivery

Communication is an art and a science – You have to master the art and understand the science

What you intent to say is not is important is how it is perceived.

Much of the communication that takes place now days is in email, texts and on the web A rule of thumb for digital communications Do not send email that involves emotion – You shouldn’t put anything in an email that you wouldn’t put on the letter head of the church

Message prep –

  1. One sentence rule – Say what you want to say want in one sentence. Start with it end with it and use it thematically.
  2. Message box – Boundary between what you don’t know and you can’t discuss – You need to stay on message. You can’t be an expert on everything if you try you do you will get into trouble.

Questions I need to ask myself –

This was a fantastic breakout defiantly one of the best ones I attended at Orange.

Why is the church world so far behind when it comes to things like media relations viral messaging?

Why do we think that we should get the benefit of the doubt in a world full of doubt that we have helped create.

Is reducing truth and vision to once sentence a good thing for churches.

Does your church have a message box?

Why do I think that my intentions in Christ’s name are more important than the perception I create in his name?

When I get up to speak do I given enough thought to connecting and being likable.

Where does the line between Concessions and compromise lie?

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