Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #4 Andy Stanley's leadership Podcast

I am an unashamed Andy Fan. If it wasn’t borderline idolatrous I would start and Andy Stanley fan club. You might be from another planet and say to yourself “I don’t think I have ever heard of Andy Stanley” let me tell you why you as a kids pastor need to listen to his leadership podcast.

1. He’s intensely Clear – I think the fact that he picks one idea unpacks it in a fun, relevant life transforming way is an absolute example of how you as a kids pastor need to communicate to your kids and leaders alike

2. He’s Completely practical – This is where the wheels come off most Bible communicators. For some reason unknown to me preachers often feel the more mystical we sound the smarter we are. I say phooy (that’s right I just typed phooy…twice) If people don’t know what to do with what you just taught them they will NEVER live it out.

3. He’s Universally applicable – I think the leadership principles not only apply to Lead pastors but to anyone leading someone. (which we should all be doing, by the way.)

If you are a leader you need to procure this podcast! It is by far my favorite. Below is the link to the podcast

Andy Stanley’s leadership Podcast

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #4 Andy Stanley's leadership Podcast

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. His gift of communication and leadership is far to underused in my opinion. Not enough people/kiminers are benefiting from the depth and practicality of his ministry.

    I have a man crush on Andy.