Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-08

  • Thinking about nicknames for Claudia. How about Chipotle? #fb #
  • RT @mattguevara: not convinced that #kidmin needs is new curriculum – need new model of sharing, accessing, & remixing it. //// amen #
  • Watching a movie. A protective dad sending his girl on her 1st date. Dad says to the boy. "whatever you do to my daughter I do to you." Ha! #
  • RT @garethgilpin: This is Oregon //// keep porland weird! #
  • Watching "The Devil Wears Prada" has to be my favorite Chick Flick of all time. #fb #
  • Tired just chased my 2yr old around the zoo. #fb #
  • Loads of deadlines this week. Not much time to twitter. #
  • Working on a #kmag article for Dec. I know its almost 1am but that's when things are finally quite and I can actually think! #kidmin #
  • Going to bed. 1/3 of the article done and on virtual paper 2/3 still bouncing around in my head. #kidmin #kmag #
  • In staff meeting. Planning fall stuff for our church. #fb #
  • RT @d_w_scott: Good staff meeting and lunch today. Back at the office working on this week's fall launch. #kidmin /// Wow! My day exactly. #
  • You who are strong in the faith lend a hand to those who falter, and not do what is most easy 4 us. Strength is 4 service, not status.Rom 15 #
  • Working on 252 stuff for September. #kidmin #
  • #kidmin I want to start doing a group order for our church (vituepack). How do I get the bulk price? Does my church have to front the money? #
  • Do your values translate to a personal level? #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. On becoming our first hispanic justice. #
  • Yankees Score! So sweet especially against the Red Sox! #fb #
  • The Yanks are killing the ball. I don't know what is greater my love for the Yankees or my hate for the Red Sox. #fb #
  • #whentwitterwasdown I fell off the stage i was singing on. #
  • Finishing up a K! mag article and talking to @funnymandan via the twitter. If you don't follow FMD you need to. He is a #kidmin genius. #
  • Do you have a lot of stuff but no experts. #fb #kidmin #cmconnect #

Customer Service Chapter 2: Lowes' (Do you have a lot of stuff and no experts?)

Today I want to talk about the need for “right” information.

I am not a super handy man. I can get by but that is another post for another day. Being a home owner forces you to visit Lowes from time to time. Lowes is a large store with lots of stuff, lots of people and lots of everything. Except one thing…. accurate helpful information.

I can’t count how many times I have hunted down someone wearing a blue smock to tap into wisdom about paint, plumbing, sheet-rock you name it. Only to be meet by blank stares followed by shoulder shrugs. Worse yet is when you are given inaccurate information.

Children’s ministry like many things is very much dependent on accurate information. We need to get the right answers to the right people so that we can reach everyone God has called us to reach. If our children’s ministries become about lots of stuff and lots of people we have failed.

Crowds don’t matter to God, but each individual in that crowd does.

How can we bolster authentic communication in children’s ministry?

1. Nice Big, Good looking signs. (BTW I am guilty of this one) I am not as passionate about signs as I should be. We are changing our signs with our kids wing remodel. For more on people who are passionate about signs check out Matt’s blog he is a great children’s pastor with a great blog and is OCD about signs.

2. Clear vision – God matters most! Each individual person matters second most!

3. Communicate where people are and how the liked to be communicated to. Mix it up – Don’t just use the church bulletin or phone-tree mix it up. Use email, facebook, texting, blogs, video and good ole face to face communication.

4. Write it out. Something I am doing right now is working with our albany campus pastor Gareth Gilpin on a policy handbook that is short to the point and makes sense.

5. Keep parents in the loop – Our job is work in concert with parents not in competition with them. We are to be another voice in the lives of their kids telling them they can do all things through Christ Jesus.

Customer Service Chapter 1: Tiffany's (Do your values translate to a personal level?)

Do the values of your church permeate your organization?
Tiffany’s is know for a few things.

1. Breakfast (just kidding)
2. Blue Boxes
3. Fantastic Customer Service

This Christmas I bought my wife a ring Tiffany’s for Christmas this year, here is what happened.

1. They guaranteed christmas delivery. It came three days late
2. It finally arrived but was scratched
3. The logo was tarnished

What they did.

1. I called. I was upset. They were fantastic.
2. They wrote a letter of apology.
3. They gave me a gift of Perfume for her.
4. They offered to return it to any store or pay the postage and mail it in.
5. Most importantly they were sincere.

What happened next.

1. I called Tiffany’s to see if I could have a friend return it with my receipt. They said no problem. So far so good.

2. My friend goes into a Tiffany’s store with the ring in the box with the original receipt. The lady at the Tiffany’s store said the ring looked worn (which is why we were returning it, ironically enough) and would not exchange it.

3. Luckily the manager intervened and the situation was rectified.

The bottom line.

Tiffany’s is all about the experience. The blue box comes with a large amount of expectations. They responded in an overwhelming way to my situation because they understand that they have expectations that need to be fulfilled. However, one employee who doesn’t get the values of the organization can put a bad taste in your mouth. That one employee who either doesn’t understand or buy into the experience you are trying to create can taint your organization, department, church. You know your values have translated when the person at the counter is passionate about the same thing that keeps the CEO up at night.

Do you check in people know what the “actual values” of your ministry are?
Do your sound people know?
Do the greeters and car parkers know?

Bottom line People matter to God – make sure you get the memo out.

Customer Service: Forward

Let me start this series by stating the obvious. We in the church world are not about the bottom line. We are about changed lives.

So in the next few days when I refer to customer service I am not talking about selling something I am referring to creating an environment that is conducive to life change. We want to partner with to Holy Spirit to see people became more like Christ. We want people to come to church and experience something in such a way it not only leaves a good or “God” taste in their mouth. We want people to come and experience than go and do.

In the next few days we will talk about the following.

Customer Service Chapter 1: Tiffany’s (do your values translate to a personal level?)
Customer Service Chapter 2: Lowes’ (Do you have a lot of stuff and no experts?)
Customer Service Chapter 3: Starbucks (Are you creating an environment?)
Customer Service Chapter 4: Neiman Marcus (Are you authentic?)
Customer Service Chapter 5: Nordstrom’s (Do you go the extra mile?)

Let me know if any companies come to your mind when I say Customer service and why?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-01

  • I switched my RSS feed to feedburner make sure you update your reader. Go to hit the subscribe button. #kidmin #
  • Man do I hate sheetrock! #fb #
  • I have a fellowshipone question. @kennyconley helped me change our checkin layout. Now our vols. are getting a parent receipt. Any ideas? #
  • I have a F1 question. @kennyconley helped me change our checkin layout. Now our vols. are getting a parent receipt. Any ideas? #kidmin #
  • It's a Girl! #fb #
  • Just got the vitals- 9lbs 21inches born 8:23am No name yet leaning towards Claudia any suggestions? #fb #
  • Home, uploading pictures and video of Baby Girl. #fb #
  • Boys in bed. Blog post written. Media imported. Nyquil taken. Night. #
  • Attending a VBS at anither church with my boys. Wondering why churches don't treat every weekend like VBS. #kidmin #
  • Trying out this new photo collage site #
  • Sitting on my couch holding baby Claudia. Nothing like holding a newborn. Love it. #
  • Claudia is home! #fb #cmconnect #kidmin #
  • What if we did VBS all Year round? #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • At the library with my boys. Library toys skeave me out. #fb #
  • Trying to catch up on my google reader subscriptions. #
  • "Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady." Bono #
  • Went 2 Amtrack 2 pick up my mother-in-law was told she would be 90min late. She came on time. Nice, can't wait till Gov runs healthcare 2. #
  • Is kids ministry an actually value or a perceived value at your church? #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • 252basics August Cheatsheets download #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • RT @jonathancliff: @samluce // hates A-Rod (in a Christian sort of way) //// Actually it's a non-christian hatred most of the time. #
  • YouTube Friday: Trapped in the Drive-Thru #fb #cmconnect #kidmin #
  • Taking my oldest boy to a baseball game. #
  • Watching the AAA team for the nationals play. They are getting crushed. They look like a AA team. #
  • I don't think I have ever met a Nationals fan in my life. #baseball #fb #