Found this quote so convicting. I turn to so many things before I turn to scripture. I so often view scripture as helpful rather than essential. Seeing the scripture as sufficient will fundamentally change your life.

The word of God is perfect and complete, giving us all we need to know about Christ, salvation, and godliness. Or as the church father Athanasius put it, “The sacred and divinely inspired Scriptures are sufficient for the exposition of the truth.” 2

Of the four attributes of Scripture, this may be the one that evangelicals forget first. If authority is the liberal problem, clarity the postmodern problem, and necessity the problem for atheists and agnostics, then sufficiency is the attribute most quickly doubted by rank-and-file churchgoing Christians.

Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung
Taking God At His Word (Crossway, 2014), p. 45

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