2 fantastic ideas families can use for advent

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Two of the greatest times we have to communicate the power of the gospel in the lives our kids are weeks leading up to Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately both are hijacked by commercialism and fairy tales. I am not a hater of the Easter bunny and the Elf on the shelf, but I do get frustrated by parents who put so much effort into those things they fail to make the most of a prime opportunity to help your kids understand what the gospel is all about.

Here are a couple of very easy ways for you to put some creative energy behind helping your kids have fun, create memories and understand the gospel.


Christ-Centered Coaching 7 Benifits for Ministry Leaders (Chalice Press , 2006)

Have not read this book but in looking through it briefly found this quote about coaching I though was great.

The best image for coaching is a vehicle. The word coach derives from an old British word meaning “horse-drawn carriage.” You can think of a coaching process as a journey, one in which you are caught up in the process as you move toward a specific, targeted destination. The coach’s goal is to help you find direction and enjoy the ride.

While you are being coached, you make the choices. You’ll decide where you want to go; the coach will help you get there. The coach can tell you in advance little of the journey but only what the coaching process will look like, the details about the journey will unfold as you engage in the experience.

Tom Bandy says, “Christian coaching in the post-modern world needs to step beyond the boundaries of control established by past Christendom. Openness to mastery and receptivity to the irrational and unexpected, and readiness to be seized, shaken and stirred by an ultimately unknowable God are not virtues that Christian churches normally excel.” The mastery of the unexpected is a fabulous journey that the Christ-Centered coach will help you experience.

Most often a bad coaching experience is not the problem of the coach but of the person being coached. A coach is not a genie or a therapist a coach will help you get to where you are already headed faster. If you are interested in a great coach two very close friends of mine do coaching. Check out their stuff and do yourself a favor get a vision, get a dream, get going THEN get a coach.

Jonathan Cliff Jim Wideman


Free Bible Lesson Micah: Book of Loneliness



– Book of Loneliness
What to do when you feel alone.

Key Point – God is always with us!
Memory Verse – Heb. 13:5 “I will never leave you; I will never forget you.” (NCV)

Skit – To have friends you must be friendly shy kid gets mad at God but he won’t talk to anyone. – Show a kid at school with other kids coming up to the shy kid. The shy kid doesn’t even smile as many kids come up being friendly the kid ignores them and is even somewhat rude after everyone leaves the boy prays and asks God why he is all alone. MC comes out and

Skit – With out God you are always alone – have a boy with lots of friend go home and cry because he feels all alone until another kid leads him to Christ.-
Have a boy who is popular lots of friends all laughing joking around. All of a sudden the popular kid starts crying all his “friends” make up reasons why they have to leave. The kid is left alone, and a Christian kid sees him crying and explains that he needs to ask Jesus into his life. If we have Jesus in our life we are never truly alone. He tells us in the Bible that he is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

How Can we make Jesus famous?


Jesus doesn’t need our help, he’s pretty famous. He needs humble servants to live in a way that makes famous people want what they can’t have. We need to lose ourselves in spreading His fame not obsessing over how our fame can help Him out. Through our desire for personal fame we have made Jesus infamous to a watching world.

Make Jesus Famous?



There are a few sayings in christianese (the language Christians speak) that grate at me. One of those is the saying “Make Jesus Famous.” It may just be a me thing. Some times God allows me to be frustrated with something because He is after something in me. It seems that many people in the Christian world are tagging photos of things they are proud of in ministry with the hash tag #makingjesusfamous Here’s the problem. I can’t see their heart but God can. So I’m not sure if they are actually doing what the bible would consider fame worthy.