A short video that gets to the essence of a “happy” marriage. Love what Bonhoeffer says in his letter to his niece who was getting married “It is not love that sustains the marriage but the marriage that sustains the love.” We need the grace of God to find fulfillment in our marriages. I hope this short video is of some encouragement to someone out there.

Free Bible Lesson Haggai: Putting God First

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Haggai – Book of Right Priorities
Putting God first!

Key Point – Put God first
Memory Verse – Matthew 6:33  “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Skit – WWJD – If God isn’t first he isn’t first – Boy wakes up puts on a WWJD tee-shirt and says that he wants to put God first but other stuff gets in the way. He says that this is the day that Jesus is going to  come before everything he goes to read his bible something comes up he goes to pray and his friends convince him to play with them instead of praying at the end of the day he is frustrated his father tucks him in the boy says that his day did not go very well at all. His father asks if he took his own shirts advice. What Would Jesus Do. The boy says that Jesus would spend time with God. The father says that he is correct. Jesus always did the will of God when he was here on earth. Jesus always put his relationship with God first before anything else. Father tells the boy that he needs to remember to put God first.