Why you should attend LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference


The next conference I will be going to this fall is Lifeway‘s Kid’s Ministry Conference. I have never attended Lifeway‘s conference and am very excited to be teaching three breakouts. I will be doing one on volunteers, one on leading for the long haul and one on the 5 things ever leader has to get right.

I had the privilege of going to Lifeway‘s special web event with the Gospel project rollout. I met many of the Lifeway team and they were fabulous. I really love their heart for kids ministry and their willingness to grow, learn and listen. Loved what I saw and our church is actually going to start using the Gospel Project in the fall.

Here is why I’m excited about going to Lifeway‘s Kids Ministry Conference.

1. I love their non-traditional speaking line up – Tommy Bowden and John Croyle sounds more like a SEC smack down. Lisa Harper and Shawn King will be there as well. Really looking forward to hearing from each of them.

2. Doug Fields will be there. I have heard Doug speak at Orange for two years in a row and was impacted greatly by his message. Really looking forward to hearing from him again.

3. Looking forward to connecting with some of the people who run the Gospel Project.

4. Some of my best friends will be there! Can’t wait to see them.

If you want to register CLICK HERE

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See you at CPC!

Here are the breakouts I am doing. I would love for you to come to CPC this year. Michael Chanley has done an amazing job of keeping the things about CPC that have made it great and fixing some of the things that have kept some people away from CPC. There is a great mix of fresh faces and well established voices at CPC this year. If you are considering a conference please consider CPC if you are on the fence get off the fence and register today. 

First Impressions – Environments Matter – Leadership/Administration, Volunteers, Advanced Topics
Samuel Luce
Creating intentional environments for kids comes from a realization that environments matter. How clean, safe, friendly and engaging our environments are gives us the ability to preach the gospel with clarity. We will talk about the power of a smile and the need for a background check.

Leading for the Long Haul – Personal Growth, Leadership/Administration, Advanced Topics
Samuel Luce
There are certain things we can only learn through longevity. Our health as a leader determines how long we last. We will talk about the five things that every leader must do in order for them to last in ministry.

Never Serve Alone – Creating a Culture of Team – Large Church, Volunteers, For Beginners
Samuel Luce
If you have been in children’s ministry for more than a day or two you know you cannot do it alone. To be successful in kid’s ministry you have to build great teams. We will discuss the practical aspects of creating a ministry that attracts volunteers.

Hope to see you at either Orlando or San Diego.


My Speaking Page

I have been involved in family ministry at my church for the past 20 years. Here is the problem I ran into over and over again. I could not find anyone that could speak with clarity and authority on the topics I need speakers for including, camps, conferences, volunteer training and leadership development.
I believe today more than ever we need a clear gospel centered message in every area of church and para church ministry. I am passionate about building the local which I have the honor of helping to lead but would love the opportunity to help you grow as a leader and to help grow the leaders you lead.

Thanks so much for stopping by I am honored you would consider having me and would love to have the opportunity to serve you in any way that I can.

About Me

My name is Sam Luce and I have been the children’s pastor at Redeemer Church in Utica NY for the past 14 years. Currently I am serving as the Global pastor of families.

I write and speak about things I am passionate about, the power of the gospel, becoming a better leader, ministering to kids and youth, technology, humorous anything, and being the best dad and husband I can be.

My goal is to be to others what I wish I had when I was starting out in ministry. I desire to help you grow as a leader and avoid some of the bone headed mistakes I learned am still learning along the way.

I have served as the president of INCM, co-authored “The Eric Trap”,  have been involved in several book projects, and been blogging here since 2007. I have also spoken at conferences and have done some consulting and coaching. My real passion lies in preaching the gospel, building and strengthening the local church in any way possible because I believe in creating environments where life change can take place. I truly believe that the local church is the hope of the world.

I have been married to my beautiful wife for 19 years together we have 4 beautiful children ages 12, 10, 8 and 4. We currently live in Upstate New York.

Most Requested Topics

I speak on a variety of topics from practical how to’s workshops to inspiring keynotes. I am flexible in my presentation and my goal is to build my talks and messages in such a way that Christ is glorified and your event is successful.

Here are a few of the topics I am asked to speak on most often.

Leading for the long haul – How to last in ministry when everything in you and around you is telling you to throw in the towel.
Communicating to Kids – How to capture the minds of kids and deliver content that will transform their lives. Creating Value Based Environments – How to create a kids ministry that is a compelling place for kids to attend without spending a dime.
5 Things every leader has to get right – In this talk I discuss the five leadership principles from a book I co-authored called “The Eric Trap”
Collaboration in ministry – Why you need others and others need you.
Never Serve alone – Creating a volunteer culture in your ministry and church.
Theology and children – Why kids need a gospel centered theological framework.
Faithful Fathers not Famous Sons – Youth and Kids ministry culture is obsessed with fame and followers. What we need today is not more famous sons but Faithful fathers.
Raising gospel centered kids in a gospel hating culture – The four things you must do as a parent to raise kids that understand and apply the gospel to their lives.

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5 Signs You Might be an Insecure Leader

Leadership is not easy. The reality is that every person leads at some level. The question is not are you a leader as much as how well are you leading. Growing up in the church I saw one insecure leader after another. I never saw them as insecure leaders until I started to work at Redeemer 21 years ago. I began serving Mike Servello Sr. as his kids’ Pastor and currently serve his son Mike Servello Jr. as his Pastor of Families. Mike and his father are by far the most secure leaders I have ever met. It was only through their confident yet humble Christ centered leadership that came to see those other leader and even myself at times as an insecure leader.

One of the things that amazes me most about the church is the epidemic proportions in which insecurity runs through church leadership. One of the most valuable things I have learned in my nearly two decades working with Mike and his father is the importance of security in leadership, if you want to lead for the long haul your security better be found in Christ. Insecure leaders create drama, havoc and pain in the lives of those they lead. If you lead I as that you ask yourself the following questions, as I wrote these I found them convicting, and humbling.

How do you know that you are an insecure leader?

1. You surround yourself with people you can control. – Insecure leaders hinder their organization because they don’t look to hire or attract the best people for a job. They look to attract people who are not as good as they are. People with less experience, who can be controlled mentally or emotionally.