As a pastor and parent I want to keep my kids from getting stuck. One of the things I am constantly challenged to do by the people at Orange is to think different about how do I engage with my family and with the families in my church. I have had the privilege of hearing Reggie Joiner speak on several occasions and I am always challenged impacted and changed. I leave every Orange Conference or Orange Tour event thinking. How can I bring this home in a practical way to keep my kids from getting stuck and to help the families of our church from getting stuck.

How we practically walk out in our church the message that you hear at the Orange conference that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their homes is what we call Talk, Pray, Do.

We ask parents to Talk to (not at) their kids – 15 min a day
Pray with their kids 2x a week
Do family activity once a month

We strongly believe that if you do those things you will be leading your kids spiritually. Can you do more? YES! Should you do more? Probably. For us this is the base line of spiritual leadership in the home. This is how you keep your kids from getting stuck.

In our family we do a lot of our spiritual leadership around the dinner table. We pray, talk, laugh and go through the catechism at the dinner table. There is something that is deeply spiritual about sharing a meal together. Jesus said when we gather together and eat together to intentionally do two things Remember and Proclaim. We are to remember what Christ has done. To rehearse his goodness and to proclaim his Lordship in our lives. One of the greatest things we can do as parents is to eat together and remember,  to gather, laugh, enjoy each other and proclaim his Lordship in our lives until He returns.

You want to help your kids from getting stuck? Model sticky faith that is empowered by simple acts of gratitude consistently in everyday life, because of the wonder of the gospel.

Registration for the Orange Conference opens today. I hope you consider registering. I so appreciate everything my friends at Orange do and do with such excellence. Sign up today you will be glad you did.

Here is an interesting article in the Huffington Post about the value of the shared family meal.

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