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I love what Reggie and his team do. I have many friends that work over at orange and I am grateful for their influence on the kids ministry world. In the past 10 years or so we have seen an explosion of family ministry taking place all over the country. Churches have been more thoughtful in realizing why our influence matters and where we need to leverage that influence. Reggie Joiner and Andy Stanly have been massive in the facilitation of this conversation. I love all the resources and time that Orange puts into making resources the church can use to make the connection of church and home a reality.

Here is where you and I come in. We have to take those tools and apply the principles to our church context. It isn’t enough for us to know that we are supposed to partner with parents we have to do it. It’s not enough for us to tell parents they need to be the spiritual leaders of their homes we have to model and simplify it. In this conversation we have to take the truth that Reggie and others and saying and apply the wisdom of God and our knowledge of the culture of our church and context to help parents win.

In our church we try to approach the spiritual leadership of the home in a way where our baseline expectations would be possible in every home. We want people to know this is what spiritual leadership looks like and it is our hope that the more our families do the more they want to do. In our church context we define the baseline of  spiritual leadership as. TALK, PRAY, DO. Talk with your kids 15 min every day, Pray with your kids twice a week and Do family night once a month.

That’s how we make it personal and keep it practical. What about you?

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