Why you should read old books.

Old books

I love to read. Even with my passionate desire to grow I sometimes find reading a challenge. What is even more difficult than reading books? Reading old books. I have been more intentional about reading books and reading lots of them in the past two years. One of the things I have been most intentional about lately is reading old books. I started by accident and by necessity reading old books but most recently I have done it on purpose. This is largely due to a C.S. Lewis quote I stumbled upon a few months back.

Every age has its own outlook. It is specially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to make certain mistakes. We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books. All contemporary writers share to some extent the contemporary outlook—even

“a man who has lived in many places is not likely to be deceived by the local errors of his native village…[and one] who has lived in many times … is in some degree immune from the great cataract of nonsense that pours from the press and the microphone of his own age”

C.S. Lewis

“Grace and Truth: How to handle issues culture brings our way”
by Sam Luce

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June 30, 2013

Grace and Truth

As the Church we have lost our ability to speak to the issues these bumper sticker raise because we are not grateful that we have a faithful savior but because often we are grateful those bumper stickers are not true of us. We wrongfully look at the Gospel as an event that takes place and fail to see the need to continue to preach the gospel to ourselves every day.

When we understand that the abortion issue stems from the garden when we lose the ability to see every person as made in the image of God we have to construct a worldview that allows us to diminish that image so we can kill those who are most innocent.

When we understand that the homosexual issue is nothing new but is a rebellion from Gods created order. A rebellion that thought began by thinking things about God that were untrue.

When we Twist sexuality to fit our idea of what healthy sexuality would and should be based on what we think rather than what God intended.

We realize that all these issues we have discussed are founded in a flawed understanding of sin and sinfulness. We understand that none of these issues are new or unique but have been struggled with and confronted for years.

How do we confront these issues?