I miss Orange 2012 already!

For the first time in 4 years I will not be at the Orange Conference. It’s a great conference Reggie and his team knock it out of the park every year.

Why do I love going?
I love the idea of Kids pastors and Youth pastors aligning forces to partner with parents.
We use their curriculum and find that it works great for our multisite environment.
I love seeing my friends that come back every year.
I really like the bigness of it.
I love connecting with a different crowd. (Every conference has it’s unique crowd and Orange is no different.)
I love Reggies heart appreciate the work he does.
The production value of the event is always fantastic.

Here is what I will miss most this year
Hanging with my posse
Being a Part of the the book launch and book signing of “The Eric Trap” which officially goes on sale today!
Going to the official and not so official tweet-ups.
Seeing McKee walk around in his White Pants and Orange boots.
Meeting new amazing leaders from around the world. (Last year I met, Rob Bradberry, DC Curry and Terrace Crawford all of whom I learned a ton from.)

Here is what I am going to do this year.
Watch the live feed of the opening night and the backstage streaming.
Try to keep up with the twitter feed
Read as many blogs as I can. With 30+ bloggers going I am sure I’ll catch the vibe of the event.


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4 thoughts on “I miss Orange 2012 already!

    • Andrew not 100% sure but the last couple of years they live streamed the opening session I believe at orange leaders.

  1. I think my friends are tired of hearing me say the same thing! I'm even going to miss some of the livestream which makes it worse! 🙁 It IS one of the most encouraging times I've had as a Children's Ministry leader! Looking forward to "living" some of it through blogs!