Orange Conference 2011: Doug Fields

I used a different strategy in picking my breakouts at orange this year. I picked my breakouts based on what who was doing them not based on what the topic was about. As a result I picked two youth pastor small groups. One of those was by Doug Fields I had heard him do a general session at Orange in 2010 and he was phenomenal.

As a kids pastor going into a session that is totally full of youth pastors it can be a bit intimidating. I did my best to act cool and make Lady Ga-Ga jokes till the session started.

The session started and was easily one of the best sessions I’ve been to at orange. Doug Fields was fantastic here are some of the things that really rang true for me.

We do the possible God does the impossible –

Spiritual growth has to be own your own. – we get kids connected to a program and a person.

Reproducible discipleship is relational-based.

1 person can’t disciple everyone – Raise the value of your volunteers – If you want to be effective you need to spend time with leaders and with parents

Failure, doubt and pain paves the way to spiritual growth – Don’t protect your kids from these things walk with them through them.

Discipled student can disciple other kids.


Visionaries of teenage spiritual growth

Discipleship isn’t a home run every time just consistent singles.

Examples of spiritual growth. – Kids don’t remember your messages they remember you. (This is so true)

Transparent with our personal journey.

Relational in our approach.

If you move from tenderness to having a hard hart you have lost touch with kids.

Every kid is hurting somewhere.

Motivate and maintain a climate of spiritual conversations

Go small. – the only people who like big are pastors. – Kids don’t grow in big meetings they grow in small groups.

Create and distribute spiritual growth resources. – Fill up their toolboxes.

If kids are not asking bible questions they aren’t reading their bible.


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