Orange Conference 2011: Breakouts with Kendra Fleming

There are lots of blogs out there I can say that Kendra’s is one of my favorites. She is so intensely practical I read her blog and I can actually feel my leadership growing. I have been to her breakouts every year and every year her breakouts are among my favorite.

This year I took two of Kendra’s breakouts here are some of the things that stand out to me.

How to Evaluate your weekly programming.

1. You as the leader have to welcome and create an environment where evaluation is welcomed.
2. Create an action plan. Evaluation without action steps is hurtful and personal
3. Use evaluation to refine your vision and message and make it more clear to those you lead
4. Churches who do not create a culture of evaluation eventually die off.

Attract and motivate volunteers

1. We are initially attracted to things that are visually appealing. Branding matters!
2. We are naturally attracted to excellence
3. We are increasingly attracted to things that are celebrated.
4. We are relationally attracted to Dynamic Communities.
5. We are selfishly attracted to things that involve personal benefit.
6. We are helplessly attracted to things that are fun.
7. We are ultimately attracted to leaders and organizations with integrity.

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