10 things I learned from Orange Conferences Past.

10. No man who is not currently baking bread should ever where white pants in public (cough…..Matt Mckee…..cough)
09. Being intentional about connecting with people makes conferences WAY better
08. I need to make sure the story I am writing for my family is compelling (Thank you Donald Miller)
07. Kendra is the real deal – I love her blog and she does a great job with her breakouts.
06. Family Ministry starts with me ministering to my family. (Thanks Doug Fields)
05. Hanging with  Jonathan Cliff for the first time and sharing war stories only him and I would understand.
04. Meeting so many of you. I truly believe I would insult no one when I say I learned more from you guys than I did from my breakouts. Learning from eachother in the free times, during meet ups is one of the things that makes Orange so special.
03. Being a woman in ministry is much harder than being a man in ministry. (Thanks for your friendship and example Gina)
02. Orange is more about a process and philosophy than it is a product.
01. At number one Sitting next to Kenny having him tell me the answer to a trivia question “What is captain Kirks middle name.” Then he tells me he knows very little about Sci-Fi – yea right. As they say in Na-Vi “AH kjk Klickklickkclack” What your selling I’m not buying.

Orange registration starts tomorrow. Do yourself a favor click on the button below and make a wise choice. You will learn a ton, meet some amazing people and have memories that will last a lifetime.

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9 thoughts on “10 things I learned from Orange Conferences Past.

  1. Ha! I know what you're talking about friends… I speak your language. I must publicly correct you. I never said i knew very little about Sci-Fi. I'm a big fan of Sci-Fi. I told you that I wasn't a huge Star Trek fan. I've seen most of the movies (once) and seen just a handfull of the TV episodes. However, to defend myself… and true fan of Sci-Fi has to know Captan Kirks middle name… it's part of the code. I'd tell you how I knew what his name was, but that won't make me look any better… so I'll stop there.

    I am pleased to know that my knowledge of random Star Trek trivia made it to the top of your list! Ha!

    Good times!