Orange: General Session – Rev Run and Doug Fields


The parents are a huge part of their kids lives it never stops

need to find common ground.

We believe that you need to have a plan for your family. Recognize your children’s strength.

Absence makes your family grow farther.

Mom and Dad need to be on the same page – the two top layers need to be working together.

You need to get your kids to serve. They need to serve.

James 1:5 – need to have wisdom with 6 kids in every age.

You need to spend time talking to God to have the wisdom and the grace to deal with your kids you are from a different generation you don’t know what they are dealing with.

Bottom Line – Personally found it refreshing that someone who “has it all” gets it all. Loved how Rev Run explaed that he didn’t have the answers so you have to go there for the answer.

Doug Fields –

Leaders share the credit and empower people.

How do I care for my own family as I care for others?

The most commitments I made about how I do family came when I was unmarried and didn’t have kids.

Focus on your own darn family.

Two fears in raising kids –

  1. Parents married the ministry and divorced their family.
  2. Working with teens – why would I bring one of these in the world.

Working with other christians is a little rough.

2 thes. 3:9

1tim 4:12

1 cor. 11:1

The Spiritual leader of the church in the bible is mother/father. Not a CEO

Building a ministry is much easier than building a family.

Ministry is consuming there is never an end. There is always something more to do.

Focus on your own family – To make a difference we have to live it out. If you don’t everything you do will be empty theory.

1. Change the channel – all you hear is the expectations of others – Unrealistic expectations.

If I don’t focus on my own family no one else will –

The church is an environment values yes – It’s easy to rise up in the church environment.

It’s really hard to say no the the good things.

2. Unplug from church – use the off button.

When you are in the car don’t use the phone.

don’t use the computer –

When you leave your church very few people will care.

Other people can lead the church when it comes to my family there is only one dad and one father.

You should never hold your phone more than your own kids.

3. Serve ice cream – let your family experience fun and privilege. Spend time making it fun.

What are you doing to make you house fun.

What are you doing as a church staff person to make it a privilege to work at church.

Bottom line for me: There will alway

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