Orange: General Session – John and Nancy Ortberg

GENERAL SESSION #2 – John and Nancy Ortberg

Carey Nieuwhof and one of George Bara’s guys opened the session, Nancy spoke next. This year at orange there were over 4,000 attendees 800+ more than last year so seating was scarce to say the least. I tried sitting on the side but had a hard time hearing. I did however catch Carey and the Barna guy refer to a survey they conducted on the state of the Family which I bought and will blog about at a later date.

I was able to sit through all of John’s teaching here are some of the things that stood out to me.

Nancy Ortberg.

People on a team need opportunities – Aligned with their giftedness. They help people own and collaborate around a common vision

People need challenges. – You have to help people to have healthy conflict. You need to have permission to do it poorly before you do it well.

People need Relationships – You don’t have to BFF with everyone but you need to have trust and basic relationships.

Vulnerability in leadership is a powerful tool.

Bottom Line for me from Nancy’s talk – To have a healthy thriving staff you need to create a healthy culture.

John Ortberg

Every parent is secretly overwhelmed by their own inatiaqcy.

Sin is not doing the wrong thing but not being what God has for you to be.

False Selfs that we Portray to ourselves and others –

1. The me I think I should be – comparison kills spiritual growth. When you flourish you become more like who you are and who God made you to be.

Culture is killing our kids by teaching them to compare themselves to other –

2. The me that others want me to be. – To be the me God wants me to be I am going to have to disappoint someone. Church can often become approval factory.

3. The me I am afraid God wants me to be – Spiritual maturity what kind of person am I becoming. We have to find a way to gauge spiritual maturity so the pharisees don’t win.

Am I more or less irritable am I more or less discouraged. Our peace and hope are measured in our irritability and our level of discouragement.

Disciples to Jesus are hand crafted not mass produced.

4. The me that fails to be – we need to flourish – this happens from a constant connection to Christ. We need to teach kids that they are not just saved by grace but they are saved by grace.

Todays kids growing up will not believe in the transformation power of God from untransformed leaders.

Bottom Line for me in this session: We need to have a desire to flourish where God has planted us more than we desire fame, recognition or approval. When we do that we will live a transformed life where Christ is magnified.

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