Lads Give away at Orange

The Lads were kind enough to give me some more lads bling to give away. I though a fun way to kick off orange was by basing something blue. Over the past couple of days I have come to realize that I am the only person I know that thought that the movie Avitar although visually stunning was total crap.

I thought a fun little contest to run would be split a prize of 3 lads CD’s 1 Lad’s DVD 2 comic books between the first two people that come up  to the Orange Leaders Lounge and find me and tell me they too thought avatar was horrible. It would mean a lot to me as well just to know that I am not alone. Not only will you make me feel better but you will be going home with some great kids music. My kids love the Lads and I think your kids will to.


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4 thoughts on “Lads Give away at Orange

  1. I hope someone found you, because I thought this movie was predictable and lame, but I couldn't be there to share that frustration with you. You are not alone, my friend.