The Making of Orange

The orange folks are stepping it up again this year. They are launching a new website that I am really excited about. It’s called The Making of Orange. You might be asking yourself what is this making of Orange let me help you with perhaps some cultural context.

If you are a fan of MTV.
The Making Of Orange is – The Real World meets MTV Cribs

If you are a fan of News
The Making of Orange is – O’riley meets Colbert

If you are a fan of Cooking shows
The Making of Orange is – Good eats with Alton Brown meets Iron Chief.

If you are a fan of superheros
The Making of Orange is Spiderman meets The Incredibles.

Basically it is going to be a lot of great information delivered in a fun relevant way. Here are some of the cool things about the site.

1. Behind the scenes of the ReThink team getting ready for Orange
2. Live interviews and streaming content at the conference
3. A weekly live webcast with Reggie
4. More stuff to be added so stay tuned

Check out The Making of Orange site now!

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