Orange Week: Reactivate the family

Orange Essential #1 – Integrated strategy

Orange Essential #2 – Refine the message

Orange Essential #3 – Reactivate the family

This essential is the one that has been bothering me most these days. I have been the kids pastor at my church for over 12 years now. One thing that has only gotten more and more difficult for me is seeing kids that grew up going to kids church and youth group go to college and walk away from their faith. When it’s a statistic it’s one thing. When the statistic has a name and a face it’s a whole nother ballgame.

I believe that there needs to come a philosophical change in how the church and the family intact. I think the church for to long has overplayed it’s role as the professional spiritual champions. We have had a please leave your child’s spiritual formation to us we when to seminary we know what we are doing, however I also believe that parents have been willing accomplices to this flawed mentality. We need to a fundamental shift in how we do things and that’s where I believe the orange essential of reactivate the family comes in.

As a leader the best thing I can do for my church and the families and kids in my church is to pray for, equip and be a resource to the moms and dads who faithfully attend our community. One of the chief ways I need to be doing this is by screaming from the mountaintop the importance of intentional spiritual formation. Parents are busy and at times even getting on their radar seems to be a challange not to mention getting them to move from point A to point B as a family.

In “Think Orange” Reggie give Children’s workers the following advice to help them change their mindset and to reactivate the family.

  • Act like every parent is your partner.
  • Act like every parent can be a better parent.
  • Act like every parent will do something.
  • Act like every parent you meet is coming to your church on Sunday.

My goal this year and next is to show up on the radar of our families more through intentional event planning and through one on one and group vision casting of the powerful convergence of church and family speaking the same language combined with the power of the Holy Spirit to bring life change in the hearts of our kids.

Children’s workers, moms and dads we must get on the same page the stakes are far two high.

I would love to hear what your are doing to effectively communicate with families. This is a huge challange for me right now. I would love to hear what you are doing.

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