Orange Week: Leverage Influence

I know that Kenny was busting my chops about me being Orange longer than Reggie Joiner. Not true. I have unfortunately learned most of what I know by doing the right and wrong thing by accident. It wasn’t until I really started reading and learning from guys like Reggie and Brother Jim that I avoided some bonehead mistakes.

So before Kenny assumes I know more than Reggie (Ha!) let me tell you about leveraging your influence. One more disclaimer before I continue what I am about to tell you part of my forthcoming book “Leadership lessons I learned by accident”.

Orange Essential #1 – Integrated strategy

Orange Essential #2 – Refine the message

Orange Essential #3 – Reactivate the family

Orange Essential #4 Elevate Community.

Orange Essential #5 Leverage Influence

“One of the best was to stimulate faith is to give someone an opportunity to ave a personal ministry.”

One of the amazing things I learned early was the power of using students to do meaningful ministry. I have always been blessed to have an amazing relationship with my youth pastor so that always helps. I stumbled upon the principle of using teens and college age kids to do meaningful ministry because when I took over our churches children’s ministry EVERYONE quit. I was at the time one of the main leaders in our churches youth ministry being young myself the teens were the only source I had to draw from. I have sense learned the balance of using teens, moms and dads and the older set. I am a strong believer that each age demographic has something to give the kids in our ministries.

If you are not using the students in your church to help lead your kids ministry both of you are missing out. As a kids pastor you are missing out on the instant fun they infuse in to the environments they serve and they are missing out on the spiritual growth that only comes from active ministry.

A couple of  intentional things we do with our students –

  • Most of our 5-6th grade small group leaders are also Jr. High small group leaders in our youth ministry – this helps our kids make the jump to Youth ministry.
  • Help them discover their talents and place them where they can best grow. There a few limits as to where they can serve. We do have some but we want them to know they they are limited only by their own unwillingness to go further.
  • Our goal is that every student is in a small group and is serving in some way in the church. Mostly in their services and in our children’s ministry.

Lastly I know that when I was a student the thing that kept me coming to church even when I didn’t want to was my involvement in our children’s ministry and by being part of the worship team. I truly believe that you can not grow and can not become all God has for you if you are not serving in some capacity. The sooner we realize that the better and more healthy we will be.

So go ahead Children’s worker start leveraging that God given influence to make a difference in lives of students and kids.

For more on Leveraging Influence check out what Jonathan, Kenny and Kendra

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3 thoughts on “Orange Week: Leverage Influence

  1. Forthcoming book “Leadership lessons I learned by accident?" I thought you were writing "The Skinny Man's Guide to Losing Weight?"

    Also, did I just learn something new from you? You were in the worship team? Do you sing? Play an instrument? I bet your were more of the DJ type… I more picture you spinning the vinyls.