Orange Week: Integrated strategy

Orange Essential #1 –

Integrated StrategyKenny and Matt really spoke to the definition of what Integrated strategy is. While Jonathan and Kendra spoke of what this Orange essential looks like their churches. I would like to both encourage and challange you by telling what we do well and what we are working on improving in our church.

What We do well at our church – We have a very integrated strategy in our youth and kids ministry that has been working for around 10 years now. We are very intentional about our youth and kids ministry connections.

Going green has been all the rage the past few years. But there has been a colorless revolution that has been stirring in the hearts of Pastors and leaders worldwide. It now has a color and that color is Orange.

When I started in kids ministry 11 years ago I stumbled upon this principle with my best friend who was then the Youth pastor. We have been Orange for 11 years and it is amazing. We didn’t have a cool color for it we called it the “pipeline principle” which we basically describe as the seamless transition of vision, values from birth to college.

What does orange look like in our church practically.

1. I am friends with both people who have been our youth pastors
2. We are building a church not individual ministries
3. The Youth Ministry and Kids Ministry share the 6th and 7th graders so they can transition at pace that is determined by each kid and their parents and not dictated by our programs.
4. I as the kids pastor go to Youth Camp and the Youth Pastor goes to my kids camp.
5. The teens that help in our 5th – 7th grade ministry are the Jr. High small group leaders for our Youth Ministry

These are just a few examples of a philosophy that runs very deep and through which we have seen God do amazing things.

We have seen Orange at work in our church for years it works. If you haven’t made the switch to Orange do it.

If you want to know more about Orange come to the Orange conference and experience it. If you can’t do that then contact me and I will try and point you in the right direction. Whatever you do, Go Orange Now the future of the church depends on it.

Here are a few posts I did a while back about the Orange Principle and how it relates to our church.

Working together 1 of 4

Working together 2 of 4

Working together 3 of 4

Working together 4 of 4

What We are working on.  – Intentionally connecting with families. We have yet to find the magic family bullet not sure it exists but we are definitely going to be making this a priority in the next few years.

What is our strategy for doing this?
1. Focus on moments when families are most open to outside influence in their lives.

  • A.Baby dedications
  • B. Baptism
  • C. Create specific outreach activities where parents can have an opportunity to lead their own kids Christ.

2. Try to discover what the rhythm of our families are so we can give them practical tools to inspire conversations about their faith and their child’s faith.
3. Be more intentional about finding and promoting resources.
4. Finding ways for parents and kids to serve together
5. Work on creating ways for parents and our small group leaders can collaborate to come up with ways to connect with each other and with their kids.

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7 thoughts on “Orange Week: Integrated strategy

  1. Hi Sam, new to your blog, found you via Twitter and the #kidmin tag.

    I just wanted to comment that #2 above really struck me-finding the rhythm of families and then offering tools that fit. Basically you've put into words something that's been on my heart for a while now. I think many times the church in general tries to make the tools we've always had fit families of today whether they truly do or not-essentially the square peg round hole issue. Thinking about it your way might be quite revolutionary for some.

    I had the inspiration to write a book over the past year or two and got it out last fall. The thing is I feel there is something else that needs to be done with the same info, some way to reach those who don't put books at the top of their resource list (which is unfortunately less and less in some areas). Thinking about families having a natural rhythm then figuring out what they might find useful, what they can plug in gives me a more concrete idea to follow. Thanks!

    Have a great week!
    Cheryl Pickett

    • Cheryl,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I agree trying to find what works within your own community looks different for each church. I know I am on that journey. I have tried a few things. I don't feel like I have found the right tools yet but am trying different things. One trap we can fall into in #kidmin is the one-size fits all technique. If something works for some else we think it will work for us. Or worse yet we hand out what our curriculum gives us without a second thought to the strategy we are trying to employ or the rhythm of the families in our care.

  2. Thanks for laying out your specific strategy at the end of your post.
    I LOVE #4… maybe when this is all said and done and Orange Week is over, you might be able to post a series on what that actually looks like? In what ways are you getting families involved in service? Sounds awesome!

    • AP,

      I would love to discuss this with you. It is in its very infancy. Just something I felt God drop in my heart years ago and feel he is bringing to the surface again.

  3. Thanks for showing a glimpse of what it looks like in your church. I really want to send our 5th graders into the youth ministry prepared but our youth ministry is just finding it's footing. Right now it feels like the most I can do to bridge the transition is pray for the youth team and their leaders because they seem excited but overwhelmed.