Orange Week: Elevate Community

Orange Essential #1 – Integrated strategy

Orange Essential #2 – Refine the message

Orange Essential #3 – Reactivate the family

Orange Essential #4 Elevate Community.

The two things that have been ringing my proverbial community bell lately.

1. The bigger you grow the more intentional about being small you have to be. – Over the past year and a half our average attendance has more than doubled. In that time I have become more aware than ever that we need to be more intentional how and what we do in our small groups. I have been thinking about way for our small group leaders to get into the lives of the kids in their groups and would love to hear what works for you guys.

2. The world can not compete with community. – I have heard Jim Wideman say this a few times I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more attractive than true biblical community. To often we make children’s ministry about the stuff that doesn’t really matter as much. We make it about numbers, self-check-in and how well your environments are decorated. (For the record I am not a hater of all the above, we have all of those things in uptown). A good friend of mine once told me that what God blesses as a supplement he curses as a substitute.

To me the two things God has been speaking to me that every kid needs in our kids ministry and in every kids ministry across the country.

1. Authentic Community
2. An Authentic tangible encounter with God.

For more on Elevating community check out what  Kenny, JC, and Dan have to say.

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