Orange Conference Badges

Get your very own Orange Conference Badge

Below are a few options to tag your site/blog and show off your Orange(ness) as well as make it a bit easier for others to register for this years Orange Conference.

How do I add one to my blog or website? Below each badge is the html code you can use to embed the badge above it on your blog or website.

How to embed in my WordPress Blog
1. Simply copy the html for the size badge you want
2. go to the widget section of your blog
3. Select a text widget
4. Paste the html code you copied into the text widget box
5. You should be good to go.

Orange Conference 80x80

<a href=””><img src=”×80.jpg” alt=”Orange Conference 80×80″ width=”80″ height=”80″ /></a>

Orange Conference 125x125

<a href=””><img src=”×125.jpg” alt=”Orange Conference 125×125″ width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

Orange Conference 140x140

<a href=””><img src=”×140.jpg” alt=”Orange Conference 140×140″ width=”140″ height=”140″ /></a>

Orange Conference 190x120

<a href=””><img src=”×120.jpg” alt=”Orange Conference 190×120″ width=”190″ height=”120″ /></a>

Orange Conference 250x250

<a href=””><img src=”×250.jpg” alt=”Orange Conference 250×250″ width=”250″ height=”250″ /></a>

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