Wrapping Up Orange 2009

10 Best things for me about The Orange Conference

1. Hearing Andy Stanley – My respect for him has only multiplied – Crazy amazing leader

2. Meeting up with my blog collaboration friends – I was blown away by their friendship, wisdom and down to earthness. Can’t imagine doing ministry without them!

3. Hanging with so many Kids Ministry people I deeply respect Brother Jim, Michael Chanley, the list goes on.

4. Getting some stellar Ideas for baptism and Baby dedications and preschool worship

5. Going to my first Tweet Up and living to tell about it.

6. Matt’s white pants

7. Bucket List check mark: Meeting John Acuff

8. Picking up my free copy of K! Magazine – Get a free digital copy here!

9. Meeting Justyn, Pudge, Betsy, Phill, Anthony, JC, Chad, Ally and everyone else I am forgetting

10. Being challenged afresh to leverage the tools God has given me to help families connect with their kids.

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4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Orange 2009

  1. Anthony those pants were crazy.

    Kenny sure I’ll send you my notes we can discuss. I was planning on talking to you and Gina about both things anyway because I believe you both do something similar.

    I want to do a week of guest posts have you, Gina, and Kendra all do a post on how you do baby dedications.