Orange 2009 Main Session: Reggie Joiner

Main thought: “God is interested in using broken people to tell his story. Only broken people can reach a broken world.”

My Thoughts:
Loved the opening session of Orange. It is so easy at times to gear our ministry to the white middle class family with 2.5 kids white picket fence and a dog named Lassie.

I think that in the church world at times we can become victim of our own cliches. We make the gospel so many things it isn’t. We make it about rightness wrongness lists and do’s and don’ts.

The thing that impacted me most about Reggie’s talk was that we need to bring the power of the gospel to kids and their broken families. What we do when you take away the video screens and fancy trimmings is all about the power of transformed lives. The power of the gospel to save a wretch like me.

Jesus wants the Rose!

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