Orange 2009 Main Session: Fransis Chan

Key Thoughts:

Why do we squelch the passionate?

We never look more like Christ than when we are rescuing. If we feel this tug to be like Jesus don’t squelch it. Push yourself to act like Jesus

My Thoughts:

In working with volunteers I have found one of the best tools for growing, placing and training volunteers is to find what they are passionate about and fan it.

In every area of ministry I think you need to be aware of passion zappers. In kids ministry for me the responsibility and administration of everything can sometimes get me to take my eye off the ball. The ball for us is lost people. That is what matters most. Reaching lost people and making disciples.

Am i squelching passion on accident or on purpose?

Who am I reaching that everyone else considered a lost cause?

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2 thoughts on “Orange 2009 Main Session: Fransis Chan

  1. I loved Francis’ talk on this. I cried like a baby! A little twist on this thought I had is that I want to focus more on the “fanning the passion” that you mentioned, than focusing on if I’m squelching the passion. If I remember that, as a kids ministry leader, I have the opportunity to facilitate ministry (plug potential volunteers into the perfect role for their gifting), then that helps me stay pointed in the right direction. Unfortunately what happens is, we can get too obsessed with the “holes” that we have in our volunteer schedules. That’s when I’ve been known to squelch someone’s passion. They may come to me super excited about loving on sweet, tiny babies, but I know there is a great NEED in the 4 year old room. So I “plug” them into that hole out of nothing less than desperation. I know…it sounds ugly but I’ve done it. It’s way more fun when I focus on facilitating ministry for those adults. Help them line up their gifts with the perfect serving opportunity. Sometimes it’s not even in LifeKIDS. That’s okay. I just need to fan their passion!

  2. Allyson,

    Great point. One thing that is so important is that we place people where there passion is more than were our needs are. Whenever I have done that both the volunteer and the kids benefit.