What I am taking to orange.

I am so pumped orange is right around the corner. I am very excited I have never gone to Orange before. I was once on the waiting list for the “Grow Up” conference but that’s as close as I have come.

It is very weird and exciting to me to be apart of this. For me every conference I have gone to even though it was great I came alone and left alone. This year going to Orange I feel like I am going to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I can’t wait.

What technology I am bringing with me:

My MacBook I am going to be live blogging for the first time. Using ScribbleLive.
I am bringing my iPhone (will be taking pictures and twittering on the go using tweetie)
My Flip MinoHD to do some Video Blogging for the first time
My moleskin (gotta add some old school pen and paper)
My kidmin Backpack bible

What did I leave off the list that is a must bring?

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10 thoughts on “What I am taking to orange.

  1. Did you steal my packing lists? With the exception of a “backpack bible” and “iPhone” that is…

    And you can’t possible be at a conference without breath mints…

  2. Ha! Funny. I’m taking my macbook, but I’m probably going to secure a backup battery too. I’m using my flip too. I’ve also been testing out scribble, but I’m got some unique plans for it. I guess I’m going to have to write my packing list too. 🙂

  3. The what to bring list is not impressive. It is the what you should not bring list that is the most important. You kidmin people are the masters of the what you should and should not bring to camp list.

    Here are some from previous camps

    1. No Fireworks.
    2. No Tape players (70s)
    3. No Walkmans (80s)
    4. No Cd players (90s)
    5. No Ipods (00)
    6. No secular music.
    7. No knives, switchblades, no serrated knives like Rambo, sharp items to disembowel your bunk mate.
    8. No diet pills.
    9. No crack. (inner city youth camp)
    10. No two piece bathing suits. (that is a big one – seen it in all camps)