Orange Hallways and Never Eating alone.

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Orange is coming up and I am very excited to be attending. I know that this conference is going to be different for me. I have been to many other kids pastors conferences but none since I have been blogging and twittering.

A couple of things I have learned from blogging and twittering are:

1. When at Orange use the hallways not just the classrooms. Connect with as many people as possible. Meet people build bridges. (Make sure you come to the bloggers lounge and say Hi) Learn all you can from the breakouts and main sessions but don’t forget to make the most of the downtime.

2. Never Eat Alone – Make sure you make the most of every lunch break and never eat alone. Take someone out to lunch ask questions learn all you can. Thats what I plan on doing. If you know of a Chipotle anywhere near Gwinnett Arena you may have a very good chance of eating breakfast lunch and dinner with me.

God did not create us to do ministry alone. I haven’t even been to Orange yet and already I know it will be life changing.

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10 thoughts on “Orange Hallways and Never Eating alone.

  1. I too enjoyed reading from some blog or article about the hallways. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops in future church type conferences, churches and more. I know whenever I have gone to secular type conferences like Kidscreen and some Disney conferences, there was definateley already a deliberateness to using the “Hallways”.

  2. I agree – lots and lots of contacts to make and ideas to share. Some of the best stuff happens in the hallways and over meals. Lots of possibilities and looking forward to another good Orange Conference and I’ll be having my fingers ready for my twitter and blog updates.

  3. JC looking forward to meeting you. I stinking love Chipotle you have to let me know where it is!

    Todd – Yea I read somewhere about using hallways to connect at conferences. It was one of those things. I loved the thought, but went back to find the source to link it and couldn’t find it. If you know where it is let me know so I can link it. Are you going to Orange?

  4. Sam I look forward to meeting everyone that I’ve been following on twitter. I have gone to Orange before and it is going to be great again this year. Working the “hallway” angle is pretty par for me. I’ve been known to skip out on a breakout session because my “hallway time” was so rich! I’m not proud of that, because the breakouts are going to be off the frame, but I love the relationship part too! See you in a few days!

  5. ‘Chipotle’ ..sounds like the first thing that draws my attention on any menu. Keep bottle of Tabasco Chipotle @ home & office.
    Twittering has definitely opened up my networking with, and often encouragement by, other kidmins. Third year @ Orange, the good hallway conversations can sure spill over into the start of the next session. Looking forward to meeting guys like you and @prince4jc…maybe at Chipotle’s – 2040 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096