Orange Week: Why Orange is the New Green.

Going green has been all the rage the past few years. But there has been a colorless revolution that has been stirring in the hearts of Pastors and leaders worldwide. It now has a color and that color is Orange.

When I started in kids ministry 11 years ago I stumbled upon this principle with my best friend who was then the Youth pastor. We have been Orange for 11 years and it is amazing. We didn’t have a cool color for it we called it the “pipeline principle” which we basically describe as the seamless transition of vision, values from birth to collage.

What does orange look like in our church practically.

1. I am friends with both people who have been our youth pastors
2. We are building a church not individual ministries
3. The Youth Ministry and Kids Ministry share the 6th and 7th graders so they can transition at pace that is determined by each kid and their parents and not dictated by our programs.
4. I as the kids pastor go to Youth Camp and the Youth Pastor goes to my kids camp.
5. The teens that help in our 5th – 7th grade ministry are the Jr. High small group leaders for our Youth Ministry

These are just a few examples of a philosophy that runs very deep and through which we have seen God do amazing things.

We have seen Orange at work in our church for years it works. If you haven’t made the switch to Orange do it.

If you want to know more about Orange come to the Orange conference and experience it. If you can’t do that then contact me and I will try and point you in the right direction. Whatever you do, Go Orange Now the future of the church depends on it.

Here are a few posts I did a while back about the Orange Principle and how it relates to our church.

Working together 1 of 4

Working together 2 of 4

Working together 3 of 4

Working together 4 of 4

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10 thoughts on “Orange Week: Why Orange is the New Green.

  1. Josha, Thanks for stopping by, can’t say enough about working with your youth pastor nd Preschool director. Do my friend. Let me know what new ways you find of working together love learning from others.

    Tell Tulsa I say hi!

    JC you rock! Can’t wait to tweetup at Orange. Love your passion for kids and the kingdom.

  2. I have read some of those post but thanks for putting them together to make this a complete and very helpful post. You have challenged me to think through some of the things we do here in our ministry.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Sam, I love your work and enjoy your blog, but I think that you missed the point on being Orange (at least in this post).

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a cradle to grave concept and fully work with and support my youth pastor.

    But Orange isn’t working with your YP. It’s about the the body and light of Christ (the yellow light) coming together with the love of the family (the red light). It’s about the church partnering with families. It’s about the idea that typically what happens at home has more influence than what happens at church.

  4. Jesse

    Thanks for clarification. I guess I was trying to emphasis that to really reach families and be a resource to families you need a cohesive plan on the church side of things.

    I have seen to many churches where departments are an island to themselves.

    I believe going orange starts with the church working together to be in a place to partner with parents.

    I hope that makes sense.

  5. Totally make sense…a good plan on the churches side is where you have to start….and it wouldn’t hurt for the family to have a good plan as well, but that’s up to them all we can do is help and encourage.

    Thanks for the clarification!